Framatome headquarters in Germany and important engineering site

Framatome's nuclear technology activities in Germany are bundled in Framatome GmbH. Its headquarters are in Erlangen. With around 2,300 employees, Erlangen is one of Framatome's largest engineering sites.

Activities in Erlangen focus on the maintenance and modernization of nuclear power plants in Germany and abroad. Staff are also involved in EPR new-build projects in France, China and the UK. The Fuel Business Unit is also active in Erlangen. Furthermore, we operate experimental facilities, test rigs and laboratories – several of them unique worldwide on our site in Erlangen.

Our Offer

Framatome in Germany provides its customers with numerous products and customized services. We are concentrating on sophisticated maintenance and modernization concepts, innovative techniques and tools, as well as optimized processes. But it’s not only the nuclear industry that profits from our experience.

Maintenance and modernization of nuclear power plants

Operational power plants need custom-made products and services. Only this way can they operate safely and efficiently in the long term. Framatome in Germany supports customers with a comprehensive catalog of products and services in line with market requirements and innovative service concepts.

  • We have constantly pursued the development of qualified safety analysis procedures as well as active and passive safety systems. This also includes cutting-edge monitoring and diagnostic systems. With our experience we have collected over the years, we are able to support customers with safety analyses or develop quickly implementable safety improvements and optimized processes for safety management of power plants.
  • We carry out projects for lifetime extensions or modernization of power plants of all manufacturers. The measures include upgrading and retrofitting in power plants across Europe, America and Asia. And also extensive modernization projects in VVER plants in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • We see efficiency improvements of power plants as a holistic and systematic process. We treat each power plant individually and develop concepts tailored to each customer.
  • As a manufacturer of nuclear power plants, we have developed a variety of systems which can be integrated into any reactor design. This allows the integration of Framatome’s leading technical solutions into future new-build projects for the highest power plant safety and optimum operational performance.

Fuel assemblies and associated services

Our customers expect robust and reliable fuel assembly designs which work efficiently and safely. The Fuel Business Unit in Erlangen serves European customers, developing and optimizing new materials, methods and programs in an international network. Our staff evaluate, for example, the optimum performance of fuel assemblies in reactor operation. They also carry out analyses and thus support the customers in the licensing of fuel assemblies. Fuel assembly servicing includes monitoring, inspection, maintenance and repairs of fuel assemblies. We also develop special facilities for handling fuel assemblies or training customers‘ staff in simpler of fuel assembly loading and unloading operations.

Instrumentation and control

Framatome in Germany develops and delivers safety instrumentation and control (I&C) technology for nuclear power plants, in particular, the leading digital platform TELEPERM XS. This platform is used in new builds and modernization projects, and increases the safety and reliability of nuclear power plants. TELEPERM XS is currently used in over 80 reactors in Europe, Asia and the United States. These include power plants built by Framatome as well as those of other manufacturers. The I&C portfolio also includes nuclear instrumentation, automatation solutions for auxiliary and supporting systems, as well as servicing for long-term operation.

Laboratories, research and test facilities

•    KOPRA Test Rig, PKL Test Facility
•    Test rigs, fluid dynamics and Benson boiler laboratories
•    Containment sump test rig and fuel assembly test rigs
•    Radiochemical Laboratory
•    Fuel assembly laboratory
•    Vibration testing laboratory
•    Technology and prototyping
•    Materials testing
•    Instrumentation and control test bay
•    ... and much more

At the PKL Test Facility for example, we investigate the thermal-hydraulic response of pressurized water reactor power plants under accident conditions. The experiments and research projects provide important knowledge on power plant safety. The I&C test facility for hardware and software is the world's largest test facility for operational and safety control technology in nuclear power plants.

Energy storage solutions

The increasing use of renewable energies, as is the case in Germany, for example, will necessitate solutions for temporary storage of electricity. Such storage systems collect surplus electricity in sunny or windy weather and feed it back into the grid when needed. Therefore, Framatome in Germany is also developing energy storage solutions.

Address and contact details

Framatome GmbH
Paul-Gossen-Str. 100
91052 Erlangen
Phone number: +49 9131 900 0

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