Large Projects

The Large Projects Business Unit  participation in the construction of new build nuclear reactor projects spans design, through procurement and supply, and onto commissioning.

With their recognized expertise in the management, of complex projects, our teams are tasked with delivering to the most stringent security standards and fulfilling the requirements of our customers every step of the way. In the case of new build construction projects, we propose comprehensive solutions for the nuclear island scope.

Framatome is actively involved in the construction of 6 EPR reactors worldwide: in Finland (Olkiluoto 3), in France (Flamanville 3), in China (Taishan 1&2), and in the United Kingdom (Hinkley Point C, 2 reactors).

A new subsidiary dedicated to new build reactor projects in France and internationally

In 2017, EDF and Framatome created Edvance, a joint engineering subsidiary for the construction of new nuclear power plants in France and in the world.

The Large Projects Business Unit works on a broad range of nuclear projects around the world, designing and constructing next-generation reactors.

Today, the Business Unit is involved in 6 Generation III+ EPR* reactor projects under construction worldwide: in Finland, France, and in China, as well in the Hinkley Point project in the UK where two EPR reactors are programmed.

* The EPRTM reactor, the world’s first Generation III+ pressurized water reactor (PWR), designed for optimal safety, sustainability, performance. Its capacity is 1,650 MWe.


• Execution and management of construction projects: engineering, purchasing, procurement, construction, commissioning and warranty services

• Management of large project contracts and external service contracts

• Improvements in competitiveness of new reactor projects through capitalization, continuous improvement and sharing of lessons learnt on current projects and offers

The EPR reactor projects in progress in France and internationally are of varying scope.

Flamanville 3

France / Customer EDF

Framatome supply of the nuclear steam supply system (design, engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning) including operational and safety I&C systems.

Taishan 1 & 2

China / Customer CGNPC (China Guangdong Nuclear Power Holding Corp. Ltd) represented by TNPJVC (Taishan Nuclear Power Company)

Framatome is in charge of the design and supply of 2 EPR reactors: design engineering, supply of nuclear islands, provision of fuel cores and transfer of associated technologies.

Hinkley Point C / Client NNB*

United Kingdom

Framatome has been awarded several sub-contracts for the construction of 2 EPR by NNB* on the Hinkley Point site. Its scope includes

  • Activities linked to the construction of the two nuclear steam supply systems from engineering and procurement through to commissioning
  • Execution and supply of the instrumentation and control system
  • Fabrication over the long term of fuel necessary for the operation of the two nuclear steam supply systems

* NNB is the structure created by EDF Energy, EDF's UK subsidiary for the Hinkley Point project, in partnership with the Chinese nuclear group CGNC (China General Nuclear Corporation).

In addition, Framatome is involved in a preliminary study for the construction of six EPR reactors in India at the Jaitapur site in the state of Maharashtra in southwestern India. 

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