June 28, 2018

A Framatome team wins the Innovatome Award

Congratulations to the Framatome team who has won this award.

The Framatome project presented a robot named AROBASE (Automated Robot with Assisted Shaving Execution) that enables to answers three major challenges our operational people are facing on dismantling projects :

  • improve the safety of the on-site workers
  • optimize project duration
  • reduce the volume of waste

Used on concrete surfaces, the robot measures, maps and categorizes the contaminated areas (conventional waste, very low level waste, low level waste…). Before, during these opeations, workers were on site in designated areas and potentially working at heigths.

On a pratical point of view, this robot enables to:

  • limit work at heights and the associated risks
  • apply the ALARA principle by reducing doses
  • reduce the inhalation volume of dusts during on-ite work

This robot also enbles to make financial gains with the reduction of waste volume thanks to a detailed mapping, to reduce the number of operators and to save time on one of the critical path's task.

This Innovatome award, was created by the French nuclear society, to reward doctorate or master students, and young professionals under 35 years old, working in the nuclear field. About 60persons – 12 teams participated to this edition.

Congratulations to the Framatome team.