September 17, 2018

France: Framatome wins I&C modernization contract for EDF's 900 MW reactors

Framatome will be upgrading the Instrumentation & Control (I&C) system on EDF's 900 MWe reactor fleet in France. Following on from the studies already underway since 2015, the first on-site operations will begin in 2019, coinciding with the fourth ten-yearly inspections of the 900 MWe series reactors.


These works are scheduled to be carried out on 32 reactors. It forms a part of the overall French nuclear reactor modernization program designed in particular to extend the lifespan of the reactors beyond 40 years.
Framatome, as prime contractor will leverage its own expertise and partner with other French companies to procure a part of the technology associated with this contract. This contract illustrates thus the complementarity of competencies within the French Nuclear sector.  


Frédéric Lelièvre, Framatome's SEVP Sales, Regions and I&C, commented: "Following the contract awarded to us in 2011 to modernize the I&C system on the 1,300 MWe series reactors in France, we are delighted that EDF has chosen us again."


The I&C system is the “brain and central nervous system” of a power plant. Upgrading the I&C system improves safety, facilitates future maintainability and contributes to extending the service life of the power plants.