TVO joins FROG as EPR reactor operator

On the occasion of the FROG Steering Committee held in Gangneung, South Korea, Framatome brought together nuclear operator members from all around the world to review the past year's activities and present the latest technical advances.

A new member, a new design

The arrival of this new member means that the EPR reactor design is now represented within FROG alongside the other Framatome reactor designs.

"Framatome's OEM expertise helps us facilitate a lively community of nuclear operators focusing on their operational experience. Through the group, we can foster technical synergies and we are able to provide solutions to operating problems, says Bruno Chaudet, Secretary of FROG. It is with pleasure that we welcome TVO this year. Three new working groups are about to be launched around containment, optimization of operations and I&C. The specificities of the EPR reactor will now be taken into account in all our work."

Created in 1991, FROG, the Framatome Owners Group, is an international network facilitated by the Framatome teams. Its members include operators of reactors designed by Framatome and also operators with reactors equipped with Framatome components. With the arrival of TVO this year, the group now has 9 full members plus a number of associate members engaged in research and innovation programs led by FROG.

Find out more about the FROG in video