PROtect technology is cutting-edge research and development from a global team of experts, focused on developing and implementing near-term and long-term solutions for advanced fuel systems for nuclear power reactors worldwide.

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As a result of the Fukushima accident in 2011, the nuclear industry was challenged to research, develop and design nuclear fuel products that would provide more enhanced safety margin in accident scenarios than available products today.

We at Framatome are focused on researching and developing comprehensive near- and long-term solutions under the PROtect program.

Customer benefits

Today, the PROtect near-term solution provides beneficial margin gains concerning activity release in case of leaker, resistance to chipping of pellets, design-basis accident and coping time under severe accidents.

On the long-term solution a further drastic increase of margin is expected based on SiC and FeCrAl material properties. The fuel economics will be targeted for improvement through increases in uranium utilization.

Program milestones

We are adhering to an aggressive schedule to bring the advanced fuel technologies under the PROtect program to all light water reactors of the current fleet and for the next generation of advanced reactors.