December 18, 2018

Framatome develops mobile technology for non-destructive analysis of radioactive waste containers

Framatome, together with its partners AiNT GmbH and Fraunhofer INT, with the support of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, develops a cutting edge mobile solution to reliably analyze the content of final storage containers of low and medium radioactive waste. Thanks to the cost and time effective, innovative QUANTOM technology, the various types of elements within the container are detected through neutron activation and can be precisely calculated.

“With our new technology, we make the opening and re-packaging of the containers unnecessary and avoid thousands of nuclear transports between the Federal State collection centers and the specialized laboratories at the same time. The QUANTOM solution is yet another illustration of Framatome’s wide range of solutions and services offered to its customers in Germany and worldwide”, explained Catherine Cornand, Framatome’s Senior Executive Vice President, Installed Base Business Unit.

In Germany, more than 50,000 containers are currently stored in ten Federal State collection centers or similar facilities, to be then transferred to the final repository, “Schacht Konrad”, in southeast Lower Saxony, Germany.