January 28, 2019

Strategic French civil nuclear industry contract: Framatome is a committed actor of the sector in France and abroad

The French nuclear industry reached an important milestone on January 28 with the signature of a strategic contract covering the period 2019-2022, by French Minister for an Ecological and Solidarity Transition François de Rugy, French Minister of Economy and Finance Bruno Le Maire, and the major industrial actors of the sector, among which Framatome.

The strategic contract is structured around six actions:

  • Guarantee necessary skills and expertise for an attractive, safe and competitive nuclear sector
  • Structure, with the help of the digital technologies, the supply-chain and the innovation approach within the sector
  • Promote a circular economy within the sector
  • Define nuclear reactors of tomorrow and tools for the future
  • Have a global sector strategy available worldwide
  • Launch a sector approach to accelerate the transformation of the industrial structure towards the industry of the future.

"This contract defines the roadmap and reciprocal commitments between industry, the state and trade unions to build the future of the nuclear industry and support the achievement of projects with high stakes, particularly on skills, digital transformation, R&D and exports. Framatome is particularly involved in maintaining and renewing the skills needed for an internationally recognized industry of excellence", said Framatome Chairman and CEO Bernard Fontana.