When two companies realized a need in the nuclear industry for a trusted partner who could offer a wide breadth of instrumentation and control platforms, an idea was born. Gaps existed in the Framatome I&C portfolio and Schneider wanted to realign their strategy. Although Schneider offered well-liked and effective platforms, customers wanted to get the products they liked but from a company familiar with the nuclear industry with the depth of knowledge that comes from decades of experience.

We acquired the Nuclear I&C business from Schneider Electric and added engineering expertise to expand our I&C offerings to become the global leader in nuclear automation. With close to 1,400 experienced I&C personnel, we’ve installed more than 80 safety I&C systems on 44 reactors in 17 countries and more than 250 automation systems were previously installed by Schneider Electric. Now, our portfolio expands beyond the TELEPERM® XS digital safety I&C platform to include platforms from SPEC200 analog product line to the Foxboro DCS and Tricon digital systems. And, manufacturing for SPEC200 is moving from China back to the U.S. to our Lynchburg facility giving customers better access to service and component delivery.

The expanded I&C portfolio, more experienced people, and U.S. manufacturing is just what the industry needed at the right time, in the right place.