A utility acquired and installed hardware and software for cyber security. Before the system could be fully configured, their expert left the company.

The utility turned to their Engineer of Choice relationship with Framatome to finish the job. Framatome partnered with McAfee and other specialty contractors outside the nuclear industry. We reconfigured and “hardened” the system by applying security updates and the correct patches to prevent vulnerabilities and produce a more robust configuration.

Not only is the utility’s cyber security solution up and running, it’s stronger. And, the process for hardening the system was standardized for future implementations, which created significant time savings. Framatome didn’t stop there; we continue to stay involved with the project, implementing updates and providing support. We stand by our work.

Protecting our nation’s energy infrastructure is vital to our national security. Framatome provides the most efficient and effective means to safeguard energy facilities and achieve regulatory compliance. Framatome delivers a holistic perspective (engineering, regulatory/compliance, cyber/physical), and a pragmatic approach through fully leveraging existing protections, a comprehensive suite of solutions and additional technology via strategic relationships. Our programs are designed to fully leverage and integrate into existing plant programs, processes and procedures. This will ensure adequate protection, meet the regulatory requirements most efficiently and provide opportunities to reduce the ongoing operational program costs.