A plant was spending large amounts of time and money maintaining safety-related equipment. 10 CFR 50.69 allows for reduced regulatory burden on equipment that is of low safety significance.

The plant brought in Framatome to implement a pilot program for 50.69. Using PRA and plant experience, equipment can be re-categorized as low or high safety significance. This provides greater focus on what truly maintains plant safety. Low safety significant equipment can be removed from regulatory programs, and plant-controlled treatments can be developed.

The process was so successful the plant abandoned the pilot program and launched a full implementation. They are now on the path to increase safety focus while reducing expensive regulatory oversight. Plus, the Framatome team will develop alternative treatments for them. Understanding regulatory rules and staying ahead of the curve is something you can count on, every day.

As the nuclear industry faces escalating economic challenges, there are increasing drivers to reduce operating costs while maintaining exceptional nuclear safety. Plants are looking for cutting-edge technology solutions that are safer and more competitive than ever. Currently, the industry is rethinking operating practices to improve efficiency and achieve their objectives. In response, Framatome has teamed with C.R. Grantom P.E. & Associates, LLC (CRG LLC) to provide services implementing Risk Informed Engineering Programs (10 CFR 50.69) to the nuclear industry. This agreement combines Rick Grantom and his team’s extensive industry experience implementing all aspects of 10 CFR 50.69, with the engineering expertise and diverse capabilities of Framatome to provide a full-scope solution for utilities.