July 01, 2019

Make it Happen: Everyone mobilized for our first innovation month!

Targeted mainly on execution, innovation is there to support our strategy which is focused on enabling us to realize our ambition: to be recognized all over the world as a manufacturer and supplier of safe, competitive nuclear solutions.

For this first month devoted to innovation, our sites in Paris, Lynchburg in the USA and Erlangen in Germany were all mobilized around our innovation mantra “Make it Happen!” - a form of collective commitment destined to bring benefits for everyone.

Over the past four weeks, numerous workshops and presentations have been organized at our various sites. A few examples:

• In Paris and Lyon, employees took the opportunity to test our latest innovations such as Hololens glasses used for on-site interventions, virtual reality with the mini-CAVE, and remote expertise using connected glasses...

• Employees at Karlstein in Germany gathered for a giant brainstorming session to work on innovative ideas for ongoing projects

• The hackathon organized by Digital Transformation saw teams compete in our 3 regions to create value through customer data

• Meanwhile, a distributed role play exercise was set up to enable teams to discover the Value Proposition Canvas method on many sites simultaneously

• And Lyon's Astrid teams also took the opportunity to celebrate their outstanding innovations of the year

Many employees answered the call, welcoming the initiative to act together and thereby strengthen the culture of innovation at all levels of the company.