A utility in Europe needed significant tooling work and required delivery in a hurry. The utility needed a reliable machine shop to take care of the welding and fabrication and make a tight deadline. The plant needed reactor vessel closure head (RVCH) repairs for dissimilar metal welds of their control rod drive mechanism (CRDM) nozzles. They chose Framatome for their repair because we are the only vendor with a proven full-structural repair process. The flaw was removed, and the existing weld replaced using an inner diameter temper bead (IDTB) welding process. After we started the repair, we discovered that some of the components were not as expected, which required that our tooling be quickly modified to overcome the as-found condition.

The equipment used for the repair required a significant number of changes which created a challenge in itself, given the time constraints. We were able to use our internal machine shop to handle most of the critical fabrication. Our machinists worked tirelessly during plant shutdown to produce the high-quality machined replacement parts to make sure the outage would be completed on schedule. Framatome’s internal fabricating capability allowed us to maintain a high-quality product that our customers deserve.

The recovery effort for this utility is just one specific example of how Framatome’s fabrication shop can shift its focus, when required, from the day-to-day work manufacturing code components to emergent needs for specialty tooling parts. We strive to deliver the highest quality, within budget, as well as ahead of schedule.

The utility was very pleased with the first-time quality and the ability of Framatome to overcome every obstacle. Based on our solid performance at this plant, the utility has continued to request our support for their repair needs.