May 28, 2019

Beck Crespel has entrusted its destructive tests to our Jeumont site's laboratory

Beck Crespel, bolt manufacturer for the nuclear industry and one of Framatome’s subcontractors, has asked the laboratory of Jeumont to carry out the required mechanical tests in accordance with the “prescriptive memorandum” that is now applicable to all the laboratories in the Framatome group and to all our subcontractors. This memo requires more stringent monitoring of testing parameters than in the past. And most of our suppliers do not have the machines for this. Beck Crespel is one of them. The supplier has commissioned the Jeumont laboratory for the destructive tests required for qualifying materials for orders intended for the Jeumont and Saint-Marcel sites.

This unprecedented order is a key step in the laboratory’s plan to seek recognition on the external markets and to build a client base outside of Framatome.

The laboratory team has a focus on preparing its future workload. With the capability for implementing the prescriptive memo, not to mention its many competencies (in metallurgical investigations, testing and instrumentation), the laboratory has identified needs among all the subcontractors of the Jeumont site. The team thus anticipates an increase in its workload while consolidating its expertise within the industry.