"Framatome’s ATRIUMTM 11 fuel design is the most advanced boiling water reactor fuel design on the market today, delivering enhanced fuel utilization and comprehensive protection from debris to nuclear operators around the world.”  – Bob Freeman, VP, Contracts & Services North America Fuel Commercial & Customer Center.

Nuclear plant operators are constantly pursuing products that increase operating efficiency as well as their bottom line. This pursuit by the industry has challenged Framatome’s global team of experts to deliver the next generation of fuel and fuel-related products. The feedback we received was that the industry wanted a boiling water reactor fuel design that increases the uranium utilization and provides comprehensive protection from debris, all while improving the technology and economics of a plant.

We listened to our customers as we tackled this challenge by developing the latest version of our ATRIUM BWR product – ATRIUM 11. What started as a 6x6 fuel rod array in the 1970s has incrementally evolved into today’s 11x11 array – the only 11x11 product that is commercially available and used in reloads today. Framatome’s comprehensive solution is the result of several years of research and development, and operating data from more than 25,000 ATRIUM 10 fuel assemblies. We took the operating experience from the existing features of our ATRIUM family of designs and incorporated them into our ATRIUM 11 fuel design – delivering the most robust BWR fuel on the market today. The evolution of our ATRIUM fuel goes beyond just the fuel design itself. We have also invested in the development of a suite of Advanced Codes and Methods – AURORA-B – to accompany our new fuel design, allowing the full benefit of ATRIUM 11 to be realized with optimal operating limits.

Framatome’s industry-leading ATRIUM 11 solution is the result of a development that began more than 10 years ago. ATRIUM 11 has been operating in plants worldwide since 2012 as lead fuel assemblies (LFA). In 2018, Framatome successfully delivered its first batch reloads of ATRIUM 11 fuel to a German and a Finnish customer. In the U.S., Framatome has had ATRIUM 11 LFAs in operation since 2015, and will deliver its first reload to a customer in early 2020. Framatome has also signed a contract to supply ATRIUM 11 to a Pennsylvania reactor starting in 2021. When operating margins are crucial for nuclear plant operators, these contracts demonstrate customers’ confidence in our next generation of BWR fuel design, as we continue forward with a constant eye toward the future.