August 14, 2019

Framatome receives six patent awards for nuclear innovations

Framatome received six patent awards for innovations that solve unique challenges in the nuclear energy industry. The patents cover inventions to improve safety and operational excellence in nuclear energy facilities.

Framatome’s fuel experts received three patents for the company’s work to support high-performance, ever-safer fuel for utilities throughout the world:

  • Strip for a Nuclear Fuel Assembly Spacer Grid This spacer grid strip is comprised of an integrated spring design and a scalloped leading edge. These features improve fuel performance by reducing the risk of debris entrapment within the spacer, lessening corrosion and reducing neutron absorption.
  • Composite Fuel Rod Cladding This fuel cladding innovation uses ceramic fiber layers on the outside surface and within the cladding of a fuel rod for better, safer and more efficient plant operations.
  • Nuclear Fuel Rod Cladding Including a Metal Nanomaterial Layer This technology involves coating a fuel rod with one or more nanomaterial layers. During normal operation, the method improves the fuel’s wear resistance by reducing the susceptibility to debris fretting, which is one of the most common pressurized water reactor (PWR) fuel issues. Additionally, a coating with elevated temperature resistance reduces or delays the oxidation of the rods during accident scenarios.

Experts in Framatome’s Installed Base Business Unit, which works to enhance the availability and competitiveness of nuclear facilities worldwide, also received three patents: 

These patents demonstrate the company’s dedication to continuous improvement of its products and methods.