October 03, 2019

Framatome brings together nuclear operators of its FROG user group

Committed to dealing with NPP operators’ core issues of nuclear safety and competitiveness

The objectives of this steering committee were in particular to validate the creation of new working groups and the launch of new research and engineering programs. It is done: the FROG experts will get on with new works on containment and operation optimization. Several new research programs on steam generators, chemistry and risk informed will be initiated soon.

Since its creation in 1991, the FROG has initiated more than 40 key research and engineering programs for the nuclear industry.

“Nuclear operators can use FROG as a forum to discuss issues and to call upon the support of experts from Framatome, says Bruno Chaudet, Secretary of the FROG. This direct link between the designer and operators enables us to understand their needs and to think as far ahead as possible in terms of the solutions provided. The working groups offer plenty of great opportunities to think outside the box. The joint programs also allow us to generate synergies and thus help operators to meet their competitiveness objectives."

A network that gathers 120 reactors worldwide

The Framatome Reactor Owners Group, or FROG for short, is a network facilitated by Framatome’s teams. It gathers nuclear operators whose NPPs were designed by Framatome or are equipped with its components.

The FROG has eight members, representing 120 reactors worldwide, equivalent to over a quarter of the world's fleet. In 2018, TVO, the Finnish operator, joined the FROG: the arrival of this new member means that the EPR reactor design is now represented within FROG alongside the other Framatome reactor designs.

Its members are: CNNC and CGN (China), ENGIE (Belgium), EDF (France), EDF Energy (UK), KHNP (South Korea), TVO (Finland) and Vattenfall (Sweden). The following other operators are also involved in work done by FROG: Ameren UE and Xcel Energy (USA), Axpo (Switzerland), Fortum (Finland) and NEK (Slovenia).