December 04, 2019

Framatome signs a cooperation agreement with Japan on the development of fast neutron reactors

From left to right: S. Kunishima (MFBR), A. Kato (MHI), T. Kadoma (JAEA), P. Stohr (CEA), F. Billot (Framatome)

On December 3, 2019, Framatome signed a cooperation agreement in Tokyo with the CEA and Japanese organizations JAEA, MHI and MFBR on the development of fast neutron reactors. This agreement follows the agreement established in 2014 for the ASTRID program, through which a great many technical outcomes have been jointly achieved and which has enabled close collaborative ties to be established between the parties.

The new agreement aims to further research on high-stakes topics for this reactor technology. Subjects of interest include severe accidents, thermal-hydraulics and fuel behavior, justification of material performance and durability, under-sodium inspection and instrumentation. This agreement will contribute to maintain and to develop the Framatome' skills and expertise in the field of fast reactors.