Framatome’s Stearns Roger Services (SRS) group has shipped two new automated Fuel Transfer Systems to a current customer. Delivery of the new systems follows the successful completion of rigorous factory acceptance testing to verify and demonstrate the operability of the enhanced features of these advanced systems. SRS has been working to supply the transfer systems for a long-time customer. The installations are scheduled to take place starting in October 2020 in both Units 1 and 2. 

The customer was experiencing difficulties in maintaining performance of the existing equipment due to the degradation of aging components and obsolescence of spare parts. The decision to upgrade the transfer systems also provides the plant with several new features such as:

  • Higher speeds — transfer more fuel assemblies per hour while still maintaining safety
  • New control options — take advantage of enhanced automatic mode features to transfer the carriage and move the upenders without a dedicated transfer system operator, saving dose and reducing personnel requirements
  • Remote carriage maintenance — The design of the new fuel carriage allows for remote replacement of the carriage wheels using long-handled tools. This allows the plant to perform above-water maintenance, which eliminates the use of divers or cavity drain-down and the associated dose in the cavity