July 09, 2020

Framatome applauds winners of nuclear energy industry innovation awards

July 9, 2020 – Framatome congratulates Dominion Energy and PSEG on receiving Top Innovative Practice (TIP) awards, a recognition program hosted by the Nuclear Energy Institute. Dominion Energy was honored for its use of Framatome’s QuarTec coating technology. Framatome also recognized PSEG with its Vendor Award for the utility’s implementation of automated, remote tools for in-vessel visual inspections (IVVI).

“The Top Innovative Practice Award winners offer a look into the diverse areas in which the nuclear energy industry made important technological advancements and process improvements, and established best practices over the past year,” said Gary Mignogna, president and CEO of Framatome in North America. “All of us at Framatome are proud to work with the teams at Dominion Energy and PSEG to provide solutions that enhance safety and ultimately improve the industry’s competitive position. We congratulate them on their awards..”

At its Surry Power Station, Dominion Energy applied Framatome’s QuarTec coating technology to an emergency service water pump. This pump, which provides cooling water to essential plant heat exchangers, typically required multiple labor-intensive cleanings to remove aquatic growth common in underwater environments. The QuarTec coating reduces the accumulation of such growth and the need to clean the emergency service water pump, helping to reduce Surry’s operating and maintenance costs.

PSEG used Framatome’s automated, remote IVVI tools to complete large-scope, non-destructive examinations of vessel internals during a refueling outage at the Hope Creek Generating Station. Framatome engineered its Remote Dryer/Separator Inspection Tool (RDSIT) to accommodate challenges such as limited space and refueling equipment interferences. PSEG used RDSIT, along with Framatome’s HawkEYE visual examination and cleaning tool, to complete two outages’ worth of visual testing scope without affecting the schedule. This allowed PSEG to save money and eliminate the need for a full-scale visual testing campaign in 2021.


QuarTec is a registered trademark of Framatome or its affiliates in the USA or other countries.