March 18, 2021

Future secured in Erlangen: Framatome laboratories move into module on Siemens Campus

The following article is a translation of the Siemens press release announcing Framatome's long-term lease agreement at Erlangen:

  • Siemens and Framatome sign long term lease agreement for Siemens Campus Erlangen
  • Framatome consolidates several laboratory and test facilities in Module 5 of the campus site
  • Further development of the Siemens Campus Erlangen is progressing in leaps and bounds.

The Siemens Campus Erlangen project continues to take shape. Following the successful occupation of Module 1, the rapidly growing development of Module 2 is underway with the completion of the reception building and foundation for the new laboratory building. Siemens is now ready to tackle the next module. The Erlangen City Council passed the development resolution for Module 8 last fall, and an amicable solution for the long-term lease agreement between Framatome GmbH and Siemens is complete.

Thomas Schwarm, site manager of Siemens Real Estate, and Carsten Haferkamp, managing director of Framatome GmbH, signed a long-term lease agreement March 17, marking a joint commitment for Framatome’s continued operations in Erlangen. Framatome will gradually consolidate part of its laboratory and testing activities from the existing buildings into Module 5 of the campus site. The module will house a number of testing and research facilities and laboratories that are already located on the site.

"Framatome’s Erlangen site is home to high precision, specialized research and test facilities that our experts use to further enhance the safety of nuclear power plants around the world,” said Framatome Managing Director Carsten Haferkamp. “We are pleased to have a long-term commitment in place that allows us to build our expertise and continue our operations in Erlangen.”

"We are pleased that the lease agreement allows us to continue our long-standing partnership and neighborhood with Framatome and to offer the company a long-term perspective for the future for its laboratory and test facilities," said Thomas Braun, general manager of Siemens Campus Erlangen. "At the same time, the lease agreement secures the forward-looking and sustainable further development of the Siemens Campus Erlangen, where we will continue to set further milestones in the future."

Framatome GmbH emerged from the nuclear division of Siemens Kraftwerk Union in 2000 and has been a tenant on the Siemens research site in Erlangen South for over 20 years. Framatome maintains various unique research laboratories and test facilities that contribute to safe, reliable, low carbon nuclear energy production around the world.

Carsten Haferkamp and Thomas Schwarm sign long-term lease agreements