High-tech for fuel assemblies, safety technology, test facilities, and Training Center

Framatome in Germany has two operational sites in Karlstein: Seligenstädter Straße and Am Kieswerk. A total of around 400 people are employed here. The solutions, systems and components from Karlstein are in use worldwide and increase the safety of nuclear power plants.

Seligenstäder Straße site

At the Seligenstäder Straße site, our company manufactures core instrumentation for boiling water and pressurized water reactors as well as diagnostic systems for new construction and modernization projects worldwide. And we project safety systems.

In addition, we operate large-scale test facilities for the testing of components under near real-life conditions. These include the world's largest test rig for large valves (GAP), the highest-capacity test loop for fuel assemblies worldwide (KATHY), the INKA integral test rig for investigating the passive safety systems of boiling water reactors on an original scale and further test rigs for component qualification.

The Training Center has provided training in different aspects of building nuclear power plants and operating them for more than 40 years. Training is not only offered to our own employees but also to customers' personnel.

Address and contact details

Framatome GmbH
Seligenstädter Str. 100
63791 Karlstein am Main
Phone number: +49 9131 900 0

Am Kieswerk site

At the Am Kieswerk site, the subsidiary Advanced Nuclear Fuels GmbH (ANF) has been manufacturing components for fuel assemblies and core components for more than 50 years. Through decade-long experience and a high level of expertise, this site has developed into a competence center for Framatome spacers.

The products and services "made in Karlstein" – for Framatome‘s worldwide fuel assembly market – are:

  • Spacers for pressurized water reactor and boiling water reactor fuel assemblies
  • Top and bottom nozzles
  • Support structures for boiling water reactor fuel assemblies
  • Fuel assembly parts such as end caps for fuel rods, rings, bolts and other small items
  • Core components such as control assemblies and flow restrictor assemblies

Address and contact details

Advanced Nuclear Fuels GmbH
Am Kieswerk
63791 Karlstein am Main
Phone number: +49 6188 789 0

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