SOMANU, a nuclear maintenance workshop

SOMANU (SOciété de MAintenance NUcléaire) is a nuclear maintenance workshop located in Maubeuge (France). The site provides maintenance, repair, upgrade and equipment requalification for the primary and secondary coolant systems of nuclear power plants. SOMANU also provides its clients, which include EDF and international operators, with enclosed premises, logistical capability and high-capacity machining.

Key figures

  • 51 employees
  • 4,000 m² of hot workshops
  • two 3,000 m2 storage facilities
  • one 1,200 m2 cold building (warehouse, refectory, oil factory)
  • one laboratory equipped with a scanning electron microscope used to analyze contaminated components or samples
  • more than 200 primary coolant pumps decontaminated and repaired/improved (Europe, US, Asia and South Africa)

Established in 1986, SOMANU carries out repair, maintenance and expert assessment of the equipment and operations of nuclear reactors worldwide. It offers the following services:

  • Enclosed premises for equipment manufacturers and service providers to carry out nuclear maintenance
  • Chemical decontamination of equipment with a high level of radioactivity contamination
  • Preventive or curative maintenance operations for equipment and tools
  • Component and tool testing for nuclear plant maintenance
  • Storage of equipment and components awaiting maintenance or shipping to a nuclear site
  • Transport of radioactive equipment between SOMANU and nuclear facilities

This enclosed workshop dedicated to radioactive equipment comprises:

  • a complete range of conventional and digital machining units (milling machines, boring machines, vertical and horizontal lathes) for manufacturing parts by removing material until the desired shape and dimensions are obtained
  • balancing machines for rotors and shafts of rotating machines
  • automated orbital welding machines using tungsten inert gas (TIG) and equipped with a clamp and a positioner


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