Flamanville 3

Flamanville 3 is the First Of A Kind EPR in France - Generation III+ reactor and the 100th reactor ordered from AREVA.

It is part of the French nuclear fleet renewal program. This is aimed at renewing the country's nuclear heritage before gradually dismantling the oldest facilities as of 2020.

Since the end of 2007, teams from Framatome have been working on this site belonging to EDF, a world leader in nuclear energy. The largest industrial project in Northern Europe along with Olkiluoto 3 in Finland, Flamanville 3 brings together the expertise of over 4,000 people from 55 different countries.

Fast facts

  • Location: Flamanville, France
  • Customer: Electricité de France (EDF)
  • Scope: 1 EPR unit nuclear steam supply system
  • Net electrical output: 1,570 MWe
  • Thermal output: 4,300 MWth
  • Annual electrical generation: 13 TWh


Framatome is leading the design, procurement, erection and commissioning of the turnkey nuclear steam supply system, as well as safety instrumentation and control.

EDF is in charge of overall project management and licensing in conjunction with France’s Nuclear Safety Authority.

Bouygues is responsible for civil works, and Alstom is supplying the turbine island.


  • Fuel: uranium oxide (UO2)
  • Average fuel enrichment level: 3-5% U-235
  • Uranium capacity: 128 metric tons
  • Annual fuel consumption: 32 metric tons
  • Overall efficiency: 37%
  • Reactor building height: 63 meters
  • Fuel building height: 32 meters
  • Main steam temperature: 290°C
  • Turbine speed: 1,500 revolutions per minute


2005Design contract for NSSS awarded to AREVA, beginning of the public debate
December 2007First concrete poured
July 2013Dome installation
September 20141st steam generator installation
November 2014Pressurizer installation in the reactor building
April 2015Installation of the 3 steam generators
Summer 2015Primary circuit installation completed
February 2016Reactor pressure head delivery
April 2016Control rod drive mechanisms installation
March 2017System performance tests start-up