March 07, 2017

Le Creusot site (France) : Dominique Minière (EDF) and Bernard Fontana acknowledge progress on the quality plan

Left to right: Bernard Fontana, Dieudonné Jop (background), and Dominique Minière.

At the invitation of Bernard Fontana, CEO of AREVA NP, Dominique Minière, EDF's Senior Executive Vice President, Nuclear And Thermal, came to meet with the management team at Creusot Forge. They were accompanied by Claudie Ancelin, Director of EDF's CEIDRE (Construction and Operation Expert Appraisal and Inspection Centre), Christine Heuraux, EDF regional delegate for Bourgogne Franche-Comté and David Emond, Executive Vice President of the AREVA NP's Components BU.

The Creusot team in charge of the quality improvement plan gave an update on the actions undertaken, in particular those relating to the manufacture of the trial primary leg launched in mid-February with a view to the production for the Hinkley Point project. After visiting the site, Dominique Minière and Bernard Fontana met with Le Creusot staff representatives.

Dominique Minière and Bernard Fontana also spoke at the nuclear sector day organized by the Burgundy Nuclear Cluster on the theme of the ESPN (Order on Nuclear Pressure Equipment). The event hosted 230 members of the sector, including many AREVA NP representatives. Summing up the day, Bernard Fontana evoked the "spirit of the industry" and underlined AREVA NP's commitment to its partners.