March 31, 2017

Le Creusot Status Update

Following the announcements made in the press today, we wish to give the following additional information:

In 2006, the reason for the Sfarsteel acquisition was the group's determination to master the supply of forged parts essential to the development of the global nuclear fleet.

From the moment of its acquisition, AREVA implemented actions to bring the plant up to the standards of the AREVA group and the nuclear industry and we have invested 200 million euros in Le Creusot since the buyout.

The workforce on this site has doubled since 2006.

As soon as the first irregularities came to light in 2015, and in line with the quality improvement actions implemented since the acquisition of the forge, AREVA NP stepped up the traceability of production in progress and the recording of manufacturing data.

A quality improvement plan is currently being deployed at the site.

The inspections conducted by the safety authorities give rise to reports with requests for further information and corrective actions. We respond to these requests in timely fashion and incorporate the remarks into our quality improvement plan.