April 07, 2017

Industry Week 2017: AREVA NP promotes employment and professions at Burgundy sites

The 7th edition of Industry Week was held from March 20 to 26, 2017. AREVA NP seized this opportunity to promote the range of professions exercised locally and to have students come and discover its sites.

In 2017, AREVA NP aims to recruit 220 new staff in Burgundy, mainly on permanent contracts and in a wide range of specialities: mechanics and electromechanics, maintenance technicians, welders, non-destructive testers, and also in methods, design office and engineering. These projected recruitments respond to a need to maintain and develop skills.

The teams from the Installed Base and Components BUs have been involved in the Week through three types of event: their participation in the Employment and Work-Study forum, the reception of students specialized in the nuclear disciplines that are very relevant at the Forge, plus an event hosting budding photographers at Saint-Marcel.

In Chalon-sur-Saône, teams from Human Resources and from the Employment CSP (CSP for shared service center), as well as managers and operators, attended the employment forum organized by the UIMM union of metallurgy trades, to present our recruitment opportunities and the offer of professional training dispensed by our sites. The establishments of Chalon-Sully, Creusot Forge and Saint-Marcel were all represented to meet the 400 participants. "There were several very interesting profiles for the Methods team who caught my attention. We will get back in touch with them through the Employment CSP", remarked Benoît Sanchez, who heads up the Methods-Boilermaking-Dimensional Inspection section at Saint-Marcel.

Future graduates in metallurgy and nuclear environment studies to visit sites

With an eye to our anticipated recruitment needs over the coming years, 250 students from schools specializing in our disciplines will be discovering the different Burgundy sites in the course of 2017, the idea of course being to develop their interest in perhaps coming to work for AREVA NP in the future. Already, the Forge has received students studying for the CRCI BTS diploma in industrial boilermaking design and manufacture and the nuclear environment BTS diploma at the Lycée Léon Blum in Le Creusot, for a full visit of the forging and machining workshops. These visits play a real role in helping these future graduates form their career plans and projects.

Boilermaking and nuclear environment BTS Students from the Lycée Léon Blum in the forging and machining workshops at Le Creusot

Budding photographers at Saint-Marcel

The Saint-Marcel site welcomed students aged 14/15 from the collège Saint-Dominique de Chalon-sur-Saône and from the CIFA Jean Lameloise de Mercurey apprentice training center for a photography challenge on the theme "Industry in Photos" organized in partnership with the UIMM.

The three events received coverage in the local press which effectively adds to the general raising of awareness about the recruitment prospects of our Burgundy based establishments.

Budding photographers from a Chalon-sur-Saône middle school conduct their reportage at Saint-Marcel