May 05, 2017

The manufacturing of nuclear reactor components: focus on Flamanville 3 reactor pressure vessel

In December 2016, AREVA NP submitted the justification file for the Flamanville 3 (FA 3) RPV domes to the French Nuclear Safety Authority, the ASN, including the results of an ambitious program of tests that aimed at demonstrating the serviceability of the FA3 reactor vessel dome with a view to commissioning of the reactor.

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    • January: publication of the ESPN order
    • June: casting of RPV dome lingots
    • Qualification reports for the RPV domes
    • November: ESPN order - convergence concerning demonstrations to be provided and documents to be produced
    • Start of analyses "of anteriority" of parts already produced for Flamanville 3 
    • January: installation of the RPV on site 
    • October: bending rupture energy test values inferior to regulatory values 
    • Drawing up of the test program assessment with the ASN
    • Décember: acceptance of the test program by the ASN
    • June: acceptance by the ASN of supplements to the justification program for the domes
    • December: submission of first reports from the test program to the ASN

Video - Focus on the Flamanville reactor vessel

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