May 17, 2017

EDF Board of Directors approves the creation of EDVANCE

The EDF Group’s Board of Directors has approved the creation of the company EDVANCE which brings together EDF and AREVA NP engineers for the construction of nuclear islands.

This decision follows the approval of the project by the AREVA SA Board of Directors end of April. This is a significant milestone in the reconstruction of the nuclear industry, announced in June 2015.

EDVANCE will be in charge of the basic design and implementation (studies, procurement support, assembly and commissioning) for projects involving nuclear islands for new reactors being built, both in France and around the world. As far as the operational and safety Instrumentation & Control (I&C) is concerned, EDVANCE will be the architect-engineer i.e. it will specify the operational and safety I&C.

AREVA NP will focus on its core business which is the Nuclear Steam Supply System (NSSS). As such, it will provide the primary circuit, equipment, safety I&C and nuclear instrumentation, and it will keep developing its businesses on its installed base and fuel.

EDF will own 80% of the company’s capital, while AREVA NP will own 20%.

Bernard Fontana, CEO of AREVA NP, said: “The creation of EDVANCE which joins the engineering forces of EDF and AREVA NP is a trump for the nuclear industry.”