June 19, 2017

AREVA NP reviews Le Creusot plant quality improvement plan with its customers EDF and NNB

EDF, NNB and AREVA NP management teams gathered to review Le Creusot plant quality improvement plan on June 16.

AREVA NP’s teams reported on the progress up to date of the actions launched in order to restart manufacturing operations for the nuclear fleet, and in particular for the reactor project at Hinkley Point in the United-Kingdom.

All the participants noted the good progress of the actions according to schedule and agreed on the upcoming milestones for the restart of the production during the summer, subject to the implementation of the recommendations emitted during the review. The concerned safety authorities are being kept informed of the actions status.

This meeting is part of the regular meetings between AREVA NP and its customers about Le Creusot plant’s production quality and about the progress of the plant’s quality improvement plan.

AREVA NP thanks its teams for the important work accomplished in the framework of the manufacturing operations restart.