Visit to Creusot Forge by members of the FROG Steam Generator Working Group.

June 29, 2017

AREVA NP gathers international nuclear operators on its Creusot site

A visit to Creusot Forge was one of the highlights of the FROG - Steam Generator Working Group - the network of nuclear operators coordinated by AREVA NP.

The Framatome Reactor Owners Group, or FROG for short, brings together nuclear operators whose NPPs were designed by Framatome/AREVA NP or are equipped with components they manufactured. Its members are as follows: Electrabel (Belgium), EDF (France), ESKOM (South Africa), GNPJVC (China), KHNP (Korea), CNNP (China), British Energy (UK) and Vattenfall (Sweden).

On June 21, 22 and 23, 2017, around twenty representatives of the Steam Generator Working Group gathered at Le Creusot for their annual meeting.

On the agenda, besides the Creusot Forge visit and sharing its improvement plan, participants exchanged on joint research programs and on topics such as carbon segregation and the review of manufacturing records.

For Sébastien Guinot, Site Production Manager, "The members of this WG, nuclear power plant operators from all around the world, came to visit Le Creusot on the eve of what is set to be an important turning point for the plant: the resumption of manufacturing this summer for the Hinkley Point C project. It was with pride that we were able to show them round our industrial facilities and share details with them of the work accomplished here by all the teams involved".

Created in 1991, this international network coordinated by AREVA NP encourages exchange between its members and initiates work programs and technical benchmarking processes depending on the needs of operators.

The FROG will hold its fiftieth Steering Committee Meeting in China this September.