July 03, 2017

AREVA has just been awarded the 2017 SFEN prize for technological innovation for its As Built/As Designed project christened TQC²

One of the imperatives in construction projects is to be sure of building precisely as intended. AREVA and AREVA NP have imagined a solution which facilitates this control and offers enhanced traceability.

Our technology combines the use of a touch-screen tablet and augmented reality in a complex environment. The result is a mobile application which helps us conduct conformance checking operations more effectively. Put simply, it enables us to establish that the reality on the ground – the "as built" - corresponds to the 3D model "as-designed".

Technically, the principle is to superimpose the highlighted 3D model onto the "real time" video stream displayed on the tablet. The calibration algorithm has been developed by the CEA and integrated by the start-up company Diota Soft. It enables recognition of the shapes present in the 3D model in the video stream from the camera. The items to be checked are declared in the form of a checklist, which means the operators can be sure not to forget anything. They record the compliance or otherwise of each item of equipment directly in the field, so in practice they can produce their reports much faster.