August 10, 2017

AREVA NP Supports Outages at 27 Plants, Completes Multiple Innovative Projects

AREVA NP in the United States successfully supported the spring outages at 27 nuclear energy facilities, completing a range of innovative projects. The maintenance and inspection work completed during scheduled outages at nuclear energy facilities enables the continued efficient, reliable production of electricity from the reactor fleet.

“At AREVA NP, we pride ourselves on the high quality and safety of services we provide to our customers,” said Craig Ranson, senior vice president of the Installed Base Business Unit in the United States. “This spring, alongside routine outage maintenance projects, we implemented a range of innovative and, in some cases, first-of-a-kind repair and maintenance techniques.”

In total, AREVA NP deployed more than 1,900 employees to 27 nuclear plant sites, completing 1.2 million safe hours of work. This work included the completion of 3,204 fuel moves and 164,826 steam generator tube inspections.

During the spring outages, AREVA NP successfully completed several projects including:

  • First application of a new Visual Inspection Platform for Observation and Retrieval (VIPOR) video inspection crawler. VIPOR is a new tool that allows nuclear plant operators to conduct visual inspections in the secondary side of a steam generator.

  • Deployment of a record-setting steam generator inspection system, Trident. Building on the record set during a fall 2016 outage, AREVA NP’s team used Trident to inspect more than 17,000 steam generator tubes in less than 77 hours at a U.S. nuclear energy facility.

  • First fully encoded, automated Materials Reliability Program (MRP)-227 exam on a Combustion Engineering (C-E) pressurized water reactor. This approach pairs a core support barrel tooling ring assembly with a motorized cart and ultrasonic distance sensors, allowing inspectors to look for any gaps or cracks in need of repair, even in underwater, high-dose environments.

  • Cavitation peening campaign on four nuclear reactor units. The campaign began in spring 2016. AREVA NP’s ultra-high-pressure cavitation peening technique mitigates primary water stress corrosion cracking in Alloy 600 on in-service reactor vessel heads, eliminating the need to perform costly repairs or to replace the component.