February 06, 2017

AREVA Completes Delivery of Fuel at Dresden Generating Station

CHARLOTTE, N.C., February 6, 2017 – AREVA NP has completed the delivery of its ATRIUM™ 10XM advanced boiling water reactor fuel at Exelon Generation’s Dresden Generating Station in Morris, Ill. This fuel improves fuel efficiency and operating flexibility, supporting nuclear energy facilities in providing electricity to homes and businesses.

“We are proud to support Dresden in its work to provide efficient and reliable electricity using nuclear energy,” said Robert Freeman, vice president of AREVA’s Fuel Business Unit in the United States. “Our ATRIUM 10XM fuel offers real value to our customers, including cost benefits from enhanced uranium efficiency and operational flexibility. It also meets the demands of high energy fuel cycles.”

Manufactured at AREVA’s Richland, Wash., fuel fabrication facility, more than 1,900 ATRIUM™ 10XM fuel assemblies have operated reliably in five boiling water reactors in the United States.

AREVA has been a long-time provider of fuel to the Dresden Generating Station. The facility’s two operating nuclear reactors have a generating capacity of 1,845 megawatts, enough electricity to power approximately 1.5 million homes and businesses.


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