November 16, 2016

AREVA Providing Room Unit Coolers for Safety Equipment at Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Station

CHARLOTTE, N.C., November 16, 2016 – AREVA NP was awarded a contract to upgrade room unit coolers at the Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Station in Minnesota.

AREVA NP will develop the engineering modification packages necessary to install the new units, as well as supply the equipment. AREVA NP and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning manufacturer Ellis & Watts Global Industries will supply the coolers this year.

“This replacement project engages many of our strengths in operational excellence, including engineering, product integration, project management and quality assurance oversight,” said Craig Ranson, senior vice president of Installed Base Services at AREVA Inc. “It’s also an example of AREVA’s commitment to help utilities provide cost-effective, round-the-clock electricity for decades to come.”

Room unit coolers are air-conditioning units that keep components and systems properly ventilated and cooled, ensuring the equipment will function as designed.

The replacement room unit coolers will cool Prairie Island’s auxiliary feedwater room, which contains several key systems used during plant shutdowns and to remove decay heat from pressurized water reactors.