October 28, 2016

AREVA Awarded Contract to Supply Enhanced Motor Operation Systems to PSEG

CHARLOTTE, N.C., October 28, 2016 – AREVA NP, teaming with Siemens, was awarded a contract for the design, manufacturing, testing, delivery and commissioning of two SINAMICS Perfect Harmony variable frequency drives (VFDs) for PSEG’s Hope Creek Nuclear Generating Station in Salem County, N.J. VFDs manage the frequency and voltage of electric motor recirculating pumps in a nuclear energy facility.

“Combining AREVA NP’s industry expertise with Siemens’ technology, VFDs offer operators enhanced control and can result in reduced maintenance,” said Craig Ranson, senior vice president of Installed Base Services at AREVA Inc. “This helps ensure operational excellence with increased efficiency and plant reliability.”

VFDs can provide a variety of benefits to nuclear energy facilities. VFDs can be used to reduce the plant’s house load, to improve plant control and to allow for flexible plant operations, which responsively modify a nuclear reactor’s electricity generation to meet grid demands. The increased ability to vary the speed of motors and pumps can help the facility better manage various processes, including its intake of cooling water to meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s requirements of Rule 316(b) of the Clean Water Act.