May 25, 2016

Nuclear Emergency Response Centers Receive Top Innovative Practice Award

CHARLOTTE, N.C., May 25, 2016 – AREVA and its industry partners today accepted a special Top Innovative Practice (TIP) Award for the National SAFER Response Centers from the Nuclear Energy Institute during its annual Nuclear Energy Assembly. These response centers store and maintain mobile operational equipment that can be quickly deployed to U.S. nuclear facilities when needed, in support of the industry’s flexible and multi-layered safety strategy.

Located in Phoenix, Ariz., and Memphis, Tenn., the response centers are managed by the Strategic Alliance for FLEX Emergency Response (SAFER), which is comprised of Pooled Equipment Inventory Company (PEICo) and AREVA. SAFER combines PEICo’s pooled inventory management support center and a variety of AREVA services, including engineering response planning, project management, procurement and outage team expertise.

“We congratulate our response center partners and all of this year’s award recipients on their efforts to maintain and to enhance the safety, security and reliability of our nation’s reactor fleet,” said Gary Mignogna, president and CEO of AREVA Inc. “We are proud to work alongside these companies to advance nuclear energy with an unwavering focus on operational excellence.”

Also during the Nuclear Energy Assembly, AREVA recognized Dominion’s Surry Power Station with a Vendor Award for a first-of-a-kind reactor coolant pump refurbishment project. Dominion proactively replaced the reactor coolant pumps at its Surry Power Station in southeastern Virginia after the industry identified a potential issue with turning vane bolts. To complete this project, AREVA worked with Dominion to renovate and to qualify the four replacement pumps, including two from the closed Kewaunee Power Station in Wisconsin.