February 08, 2016

AREVA’s New Boiling Water Reactor Fuel Debris Filter Increases Operations Reliability

CHARLOTTE, N.C., February 8, 2016 – AREVA NP recently delivered the first boiling water reactor (BWR) ATRIUM 10XM fuel assemblies in the United States equipped with its new third generation FUELGUARD™ (3GFG) debris filter. This advanced filter design increases operational reliability by capturing all debris large enough to cause damage to the fuel rod array from the reactor water flow.

Building on the reliability of AREVA’s second generation filter, the 3GFG was originally designed as a standard component on AREVA’s ATRIUM™ 11 fuel design, which began operating in a U.S. reactor for the first time in 2015. The debris filter was recently modified to retrofit the ATRIUM 10XM fuel structure, optimizing the component for both common types of fuel structures: 10x10 and 11x11.

“The 3GFG is our most robust and efficient debris filter,” said Ron Land, senior vice president of AREVA’s Fuel business line, U.S. region. “Its innovative refinements are designed to eliminate the risk of residual debris fretting damage and to help nuclear energy facilities ensure operational excellence with reliable fuel performance.”

Following their global introduction in 2009, AREVA’s second generation debris filters have been used in more than 4,500 BWR fuel assemblies and none have experienced fuel rod failures arising from debris passing through the filter.

Since patenting the first FUELGUARD design in 1991, AREVA has delivered more than 22,000 debris filters to 33 reactors worldwide.