September 03, 2015

AREVA Inc. Details Contributions in 2014 Corporate Citizenship Report

CHARLOTTE, N.C., September 3, 2015 – AREVA Inc. today released its 2014 Corporate Citizenship Report detailing the company’s outreach and giving activities across all business groups in North America. The report summarizes the company’s and its employees’ contributions of more than $1.8 million and more than 3,000 volunteer hours to charitable organizations and educational institutions in 2014.

“Our local outreach efforts are dedicated to making our communities better places to live and work,” said Gary Mignogna, president and CEO of AREVA Inc. “We are helping to secure a clean energy future for generations to come by investing in the organizations and institutions that support our neighbors and families, and in the classrooms where the next generation of leaders is developed.”

Through its corporate giving strategy, the company encourages all employees and business groups to demonstrate active caring with the ultimate goal of increasing community vitality and sustainable growth of the business. The largest percentage of contributions was dedicated to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education sponsorships and outreach.

“AREVA puts the priority on investing in the technical workforce and STEM education programs to support the vital growth of the U.S. energy economy, while developing future industry and community leaders,” said Sharon Elliott, AREVA vice president of human resources.