September 10, 2015

AREVA Inc.’s Nuclear Steam Generator Inspection Tools Receive EPRI Qualification

CHARLOTTE, N.C., September 10, 2015 – Three of AREVA Inc.’s automated inspection tools for examining nuclear steam generators were recently qualified by the U.S. Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). These tools are designed to mimic human data analysis, but with greater reliability and consistency.

Having received EPRI’s Automated Analysis Performance Demonstration Database (AAPDD) qualification, AIDA3™, MIRA3™ and WTT are now available to the U.S. nuclear energy market.

“Using AREVA’s automated tools for quick and consistent data analysis means that utilities can maintain their steam generators in a safer, more efficient and economical way,” said Rob Smith, vice president of Non-destructive Examination Solutions at AREVA Inc.’s Installed Base Services. “Paired on a single platform, our AIDA3, MIRA3 and WTT tools improve the quality of results and raise the bar on degradation detection.”

Merging traditional and non-traditional detection techniques, and a simplified combination of neural network and data mining, AIDA3, MIRA3 and WTT provide human analysis competence at accelerated computer speeds. Together, this provides repeatability and reliability in nuclear steam generator eddy current non-destructive examination. Fully automated analysis of bobbin, array and rotating probe data eliminates human performance error and subjectivity.