September 12, 2017

AREVA NP and Tranter, Inc. Combine Expertise for Heat Exchanger Replacements at Nuclear Facilities

AREVA NP recently signed an agreement with Tranter, Inc. to be its primary distributor to the nuclear market for shell and plate heat exchangers. Tranter, Inc. is a global manufacturer of gasketed and welded plate heat exchangers, which transfer heat in a nuclear energy facility to produce electricity.

“We at Tranter are excited about this new partnership with AREVA NP,” said Osama Shenouda, sales director, North America. “Their expertise, innovation and strength in the nuclear industry align with Tranter’s vision to be the first choice provider of compact and reliable heat exchanger technology for critical, energy-intensive processes.”

Tranter, Inc.’s shell and plate heat exchanger design offers reliable performance along with a significantly smaller footprint and lower weight, compared to shell and tube heat exchanger designs. The design provides distinct advantages in situations where size, weight and overall footprint are significant constraints.

“Through this partnership with Tranter, Inc., we offer our customers a proven, reliable solution for replacing heat exchangers, a vital component to generating electricity in a nuclear energy facility,” said Craig Ranson, senior vice president of AREVA NP’s Installed Base Business Unit in the United States. “By combining AREVA NP’s nuclear expertise with Tranter’s technology, we support the continued efficient operation of the nuclear fleet.”

AREVA NP will qualify and dedicate Tranter heat exchangers purchased for safety- and non-safety-related applications in nuclear plants around the world.