August 08, 2017

Bruce Power and AREVA NP Expand Agreement for Commercialization of Radioisotope Production

Bruce Power and AREVA NP today signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to further explore opportunities to commercialize radioisotope production capabilities at the Bruce nuclear facility. Radioisotopes have a range of beneficial uses in the health care industry to include medical imaging and targeted cancer treatment.

“Our partnership with AREVA NP demonstrates our ongoing commitment to the people of Ontario and beyond, as we look for innovative ways to expand our important contributions to global health care,” said James Scongack, Bruce Power’s vice president, Corporate Affairs & Environment.

Developing on-line radioisotope production capabilities at the Bruce facility will allow Bruce Power to produce shorter half-life radioisotopes (such as molybdenum-99, lutetium-177 and iridium-192) with a system that inserts and removes targets with little impact on the normal operation of the nuclear reactors. The process will use AREVA NP’s patent-pending method of producing radioisotopes using a heavy water nuclear power plant.

Under this agreement, AREVA NP will design and supply the hardware to be installed in the existing units to add the on-line radioisotope production capability. Both Bruce Power and AREVA NP work with industry partners to process and manage the delivery of irradiated radioisotopes to end users.

This MOU builds on an agreement Bruce Power and AREVA NP signed in December 2014 to evaluate the feasibility of developing on-line radioisotope production capabilities at the Bruce facility.

“We develop advanced solutions and technologies that support our customers, whether they provide efficient and reliable electricity or material that helps make advanced medical treatments possible,” said William Cooper, president of AREVA NP’s Installed Base Business Unit in Canada. “Our Kincardine-based team integrates AREVA NP’s global experience to provide solutions specific to CANDU heavy water reactor designs.”

Bruce Power’s Life-Extension Program means the Bruce site will continue to power the province until 2064. Adding on-line radioisotope production capability will enable Bruce Power to provide a long-term, reliable platform to produce a wide range of radioisotopes for use in both health care and industry in Ontario and across Canada, and potentially North America and abroad.

MPP Bob Delaney, parliamentary assistant to the Minister of Energy, also joined Mike Rencheck, Bruce Power president and CEO, and William Cooper for the signing of the MOU between the two organizations.

“I commend Bruce Power and AREVA NP on their intent to move forward with the commercialization phase,” said PA Delaney. “This partnership is an example of Ontario’s nuclear industry working together to export solutions to global health care challenges.”