March 14, 2017

Energy Storage Düsseldorf: AREVA presents solutions for energy storage and hydrogen fueling stations

Energy storage and sustainable mobility are growth areas of the German energy transition: Additional storage capacities and further integration of the mobility and the heat sector with electricity generation are needed for the further upscaling of renewable energies. AREVA uses both hydrogen as well as battery technology in ongoing projects; the company offers a broad portfolio of technical solutions for short and long term storage of energy as well as for the use of renewable hydrogen for mobility.

Hydrogen: secure energy storage rhrough LOHC

In the Bavarian town of Arzberg a complete storage facility based on hydrogen stabilizes the electricity production of a solar plant. An electrolyzer produces renewable hydrogen while a fuel cell provides reconversion. Furthermore, hydrogen is stored in a carrier fluid. The so called LOHC (Liquified Organic Hydrogen Carrier) binds the fluid energy carrier chemically and enables a secure and depressurized storage of the hydrogen at a reduced volume.

Second-use: batteries of electro vehicles as grid buffer

AREVA links traction batteries of electric vehicles with stationary electricity storage facilities. By integrating complete car batteries in the existing safety shell the construction is safe and efficient. The facility provides primary control to balance the grid if needed and to permanently secure stable supply.

Fueling stations: renewable hydrogen powers mobility

Renewably generated hydrogen takes sun and wind energy to the roads and railways. Currently, AREVA prepares fueling station projects based on hydrogen components manufactured by the company. The focus is on public transport with busses and trains. But an industrial use for, for example, forklifts is also possible.

AREVA GmbH has more than 50 years of experience in the construction of electricity facilities, with a focus on large-scale power plants. The company realizes energy storage solutions based on hydrogen and batteries and acts a system integrator for storage and fueling station solutions.