September 25, 2017

Spain: AREVA NP installs innovative monitoring system at Trillo nuclear power plant

AREVA NP has successfully completed the replacement of the reactor pressure vessel level (RPVL) monitoring system within the Trillo* Spanish nuclear power plant, operated by the utility CNAT (Centrales Nucleares Almaraz-Trillo). The system constantly monitors the water level within the reactor pressure vessel and transmits the information to the control room. The newly developed level probes provide higher robustness and reliability. The scope of the contract includes the delivery of the in-core sensors and related components as well as design, engineering, supervision of installation and commissioning of the system.

The components were manufactured at AREVA NP’s Karlstein site, Germany.

“I would like to thank the AREVA NP team for their contribution to the safe operation of our plant in the future”, said Luis Soriano, Technical Services Director of CNAT.

“The project marks another milestone in the long-lasting partnership with CNAT, which started with the construction of the plant in the 1980s. Recently we already modernized the aeroball measurement system within the frame of the plant’s I&C”, added Martin Winkler, Vice President Marketing & Sales at AREVA NP’s I&C Business Unit.

AREVA NP modernizes instrumentation & control systems in installed fleets of virtually all reactor designs and equips both its own new build reactors and non-AREVA NP OEM** reactor projects. The company has implemented safety automation systems in more than 80 plants in 17 countries and nuclear instrumentation systems in more than 100 nuclear power plants.

* The Trillo Nuclear Power Plant comprises a pressurized water reactor with an installed net capacity of 1,003 megawatt. It started commercial operation in 1988. The plant is located in central Spain, about 100 kilometers north-west of Madrid.

** OEM: original equipment manufacturer.