October 09, 2017

Duke Energy recognizes AREVA NP as "Safety Supplier of the Year"

Duke Energy selected AREVA NP as the recipient of their inaugural “Safety Supplier of the Year Award” at a ceremony held Wednesday, Oct. 4. Gary Mignogna, President and CEO of AREVA Inc., Craig Ranson, Senior VP IB-A, and Jason Nelson, Regional Account Manager for Duke, attended the ceremony held at Duke Energy headquarters in Charlotte, N.C.

The award given to Areva

The Supplier Excellence award was presented by “corporate level” Duke Energy – a Fortune 125 company that is one of the largest electric power holding companies in the U.S. providing electricity and natural gas to nearly nine million customers. Duke executives  chose AREVA NP to win this award based on several factors including the number of safe hours worked on their sites*, the level of risk of the activities performed during that time, and AREVA NP employees’ demonstration of self-directed, personal safety accountability.

Duke’s extraordinary recognition of the AREVA NP commitment to safety further demonstrates that we are doing the right thing by making safety our highest priority, every single day,” Gary said during his acceptance speech to Duke Energy executives and ceremony attendees.

The AREVA NP safety programs focus on both prevention and personal accountability – just like many of our customers, including Duke. Our shared commitment to safety is the bedrock upon which our industry builds and maintains the public’s trust and confidence.

Being the first supplier ever to win this award is a testament to the dedication to safety by each and every one of our employees. It demonstrates that our employees have adopted a culture of caring; caring for their personal safety, caring for the safety of fellow employees, and caring for the safety of those we work with, side-by-side at our facilities and customer sites,” Gary added.


*AREVA NP logged approximately 110,000 safe hours at Duke nuclear plants in 2016