November 06, 2017

In Lyon, a "Hackathon" event that transforms colleagues' creativity into Added Value for the company!

Lyon's INNOV’à Lyon innovation month ended aptly with a "hackathon", which was a great way to close out four weeks devoted to raising awareness about the challenge of innovation which is so critical for us in today's fast-changing environment. The 2017 edition of the month of innovation proved to be a great success, thanks to the diversity of activities offered week by week.

The "Hackathon": a way for us to create value working together with the ecosystem of French SMEs

Combining cross-functionality within our mixed teams (technical and other profiles, multi-BUs), plus gateways to the external ecosystem, this marathon of innovation enabled projects to emerge and gave us the opportunity to disseminate the “EFICA” creativity method.

"This hackathon showed how much value AREVA NP can derive by collaborating with the ecosystem of French SMEs and start-ups, and by thinking "innovation = technical solution + associated business model" right from the outset of each project", explained Michaël Dessagne, AREVA NP's Innovation Manager. 

The tripartite jury - EDF, CEA and AREVA NP - awarded a prize to the project No Limit, Colicolor (Olikrom)

The SME Olikrom has developed a type of paint that changes color when subjected to a shock. We propose to use the paint for fuel assembly transport containers. The aim is to be able to immediately visually detect any impact suffered by the container without having to wait until it arrives at its final destination. For a limited outlay, we could save several hundred thousand Euros in non-quality costs.