Framatome - our values: future, performance, integrity, passion and above all safety

Our values define who we are. More than principles, they guide our actions and describe how we work with our customers, business partners and each other.

We uphold our core values—Future, Performance, Integrity, Passion and, above all, Safety—by making sure each is associated with a corresponding set of behaviors. These values are omnipresent. By giving them meaning every day, we ensure that we supply safe and sustainable energy, deliver value to our customers and create a culture where we thrive.


There is absolutely no room for compromise on safety and security in our industry and that is the way it must stay. They are the guarantees of Framatome's future.


We maintain a long-term outlook for every aspect of our business, weighing the risks and benefits of every decision. We place safety and customer relationships first, knowing that our success depends on our ability to help our customers succeed—both today and in the future. We prepare for the future each day by developing the innovations of tomorrow, and encouraging our colleagues to grow and prosper.


We value results and deliver on our promises to our customers, shareholders and colleagues. We believe our work should be executed flawlessly, to guarantee added value for our customers and ensure unparalleled quality in everything we do.


We endorse the highest standards of honesty and conduct. Greatly aware of our responsibility as a company within a global industry to provide the highest levels of safety and performance, we comply with regulations and act in the best interests of our colleagues, customers and the public. We believe in displaying respect and transparency towards all of our stakeholders, and holding ourselves to the strict security standards. We show integrity when we act in consistence with what we are and what we believe in.


We believe in what we do and take satisfaction in providing safe, efficient energy throughout the world. Our drive and energy are contagious, inspiring those around us. We meet our challenges with creativity and optimism, pushing ourselves beyond our limits. Passion is a testimony of our engagement and dedication in what we are doing. With passion we seek the best and commit to it.