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Components in nuclear power plants (NPPs) and other installations must be capable of withstanding flow-induced vibrations.


We help you to validate and optimize component design with our comprehensive flow-induced vibration testing capabilities. The relevant physical phenomena are analyzed and ranked. This allows us to select the laws of similitude and non-dimensional numbers in order to scale and design an appropriate test rig model. The test rig model represents the following physical phenomena:

  • Significant flow-induced forces affecting the structure
  • Relevant structural responses and elasticities
  • Linkages between the various structures.

Your Benefits

  • Reliable test results through well-equipped laboratories using sophisticated measurement systems
  • Accredited test laboratory according to ISO 17025 ensures highest test quality
  • Wide range of application such as nuclear and renewable energy projects
  • Extended possibilities with access to the Framatome thermal-hydraulic worldwide platform


MAGALY bench

  • Control rod cluster assembly flow-induced vibrations for:
    - EPR reactor
    - 1,300 MWe French plants



  • Vibrations of EPR reactor pressure vessel internals


Reactor Jules Horowitz (RJH) test bench

  • Vibrations of reactor internals

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Thermo-Hydraulic Platform qualified as test and inspection body