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In recent years the safety authorities of many countries have reviewed their requirements with respect to seismic assumptions, either to reevaluate the design requirements or to request analysis of the consequences of beyond-design-basis seismic conditions. In particular, utilities are requested to provide margin assessments taking into consideration possible cliff-edge effects. Existing plants must rework some component or equipment installation or prove that the current design meets the new requirements.  

Our Seismic Margin Assessment of nuclear power plants (NPPs) and other critical or safety-related equipment assesses the safety of the plant and the margins in the case of an earthquake. The seismic margin methodology is designed to demonstrate sufficient margin over the safe shutdown earthquake (SSE) to ensure plant safety and to find any "weak links" that might limit the plant’s capability to safely withstand a seismic event larger than the SSE. Based on the fragility of seismic structures and components and the fault trees and event trees approach, the high confidence of low probability of failure (HCLPF) value can be assessed. Our experience combines expertise in nuclear industry and capability to use state-of-the-art probabilistic approach.


Seismic robustness analysis of nuclear power plants


Simplified seismic risk analysis

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