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In response to nuclear accidents with unacceptable release of radioactive fission products, regulatory institutions worldwide strengthen their requirements not only on prevention but also on mitigation of such events. For an effective accident mitigation, the following aspects are paramount:

  • Ensuring containment integrity for an appropriate duration
  • Reducing the environmental impact as far as reasonably possible
  • Protecting plant personnel and emergency crews.

We offer an integrated and unified concept to strengthen the severe accident resistance and mitigation capacity of nuclear facilities (including nuclear power plants (NPPs), research reactors, as well as front-end and back-end facilities).
It encompasses the following methods and products, presented exemplarily for a nuclear power plant:

  • Identification of plant challenges and analysis of possible accidents
  • Backfitting hardware
  • Severe accident management guidelines
  • Protetion of personnel and environment
  • Regulatory acceptence
  • Education and training.

Your Benefits

Our experience in all aspects of severe accident mitigation allows you to:

  • Improve the overall safety of your facility
  • Obtain optimal solutions for specific needs
  • Fulfill all safety criteria set by regulators
  • Ensure an efficient interplay of hardware systems and plant operation
  • Mitigate and minimize the consequences in the very unlikely event of an accident.

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